How to Drive Visitors to Your Affiliate Website

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Traffic generation is probably the most popular topic in internet marketing. And this is true for any website, not just affiliate sites. It’s a huge topic of its own so we can only just scratch the surface in this article, but let’s look at a few effective strategies for generating traffic to your affiliate sites. Check out DFY Niche Sites at this link to get started.

There are two types of traffic – paid and free. Paid traffic comes from sources like Google Adwords, banner ads, ezine advertising and so on. In general, free traffic comes from Google and other search engines.

Both have their pros and cons. You don’t have to spend any money with free methods. But the tradeoff is that it’s more labour-intensive and takes longer to kick in. Paid traffic, on the other hand, is fast and doesn’t require as much effort, but it will cost you money, so you need to be sure that you’re earning as much or more in return to cover the cost of advertising. For more info on DFY Niche Sites, click here.

If you’re interested in free traffic, there are lots of methods for generating it:

– Bum marketing
– Forum marketing
– Commenting on blogs
– Linkwheels
– Guest posts on other blogs

To get free search engine traffic, you need two things – content on your site and backlinks pointing to it. Creating high-quality content and developing strong backlinks will help ensure your search rankings continue to improve, resulting in more traffic.

You can also get paid traffic in various ways:


– Pay per click
– Banner advertising
– CPV (Cost Per View)
– Media buying
– Ezine Ads

If you’re using paid traffic sources, make sure you test and track everything and start small so you don’t have too much exposure. If you can create a profitable paid ad campaign, it doesn’t cost you anything since you’re earning as much or more as you spend. Just make sure you don’t expand too quickly before you know your numbers.

The third – and probably best – a type of traffic is the type you create yourself. You can accomplish this by building an email list.

When you collect options on your site, you can contact those people, again and again, sending them to any page or offer you want. Simply send an email to your list and watch the visitors arrive.

It’s not quite that simple, of course – you need to build a good relationship with your list first. Doing so will give you a traffic source that isn’t reliant on any other website or company.

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